Our avalanche courses follow the American Avalanche Association guidelines.  Why?  The North Americans are far in advance of us Europeans in terms of avalanche education.  Their syllabus is tried and tested and gives you the knowledge, tools and systems to enhance your safety, decision making and enjoyment in the mountains.

American Avalanche Association (A3) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to professional excellence in avalanche safety, education and research in the United States.  We bring this expertise to you in Europe.

"...succinct and easy to digest way, always making sure that everyone has a good grasp of what is being explained. He is patient, open to any questions and happy to spend extra time to reinforce learning. ...you'll come away feeling much more confident about mountain travel and targets for further learning."

Scott C

"It’s good to have a bit of a better idea what skiing in off piste areas means. It’s clear that Iain is doing this out of his passion for the mountains, and the idea that we should enjoy and respect them equally. Covered quite a bit in only a day, and would be keen to return for another session."

Hannah Winter

(1 DAY)  €99

If you're wondering which course, if nothing else, this is the one.  Learn and practice the skills to effect a rescue in an avalanche.  This course follows the American Avalanche Association (A3) syllabus so you can be assured it is one of the most thorough and applied courses you will find at this level.

An excellent one day course or refresher the basic principles of how avalanches occur and what to do if you or a friend is caught in one.

This is a full-day course with approx 1-2hrs in the classroom and the rest out in the field implementing what you learn. The emphasis is on coaching you with a maximum of 8 participants in any group.


We will cover:

  • What gear

  • Risk ManagementRescue procedures & techniques

    • Transceivers.  How they work and their limitations

    • Probing. A number of different techniques and the most reliable way.

    • Shovelling.  Digging is the tough bit.  Learn easy to remember strategies to get the casualty out fast.

    • One and two person burial rescue techniques.

    • Calling for help and what information the rescue team will need.

    • Common problems and mistakes.

  • Lots of practice using TPS - Simulated one and two-person burials with a single searcher.

This 1-day course provides tools and techniques to venture off-piste in controlled areas through making better-informed decisions.  It is an excellent precursor to the Level 1 Avalanche Training course which prepares the delegates for independent travel outside of the ski area.

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