Avalanche Bulletins

The links below are to the various avalanche bulletins in Europe. They work (at the time of publishing!). You may have to navigate to the specific area you are interested in. There are other resources out there and if you have a particular one you like please drop us a line with a link and why you like it. We'll then review it and publish to build on the resources here.

Each country in Europe uses similar, but not the same, graphical and terminology so get familiar with the ones you frequently use. If you use Google Chrome you can set up auto-translate which works quite well on the whole.

Have a happy, safe season and make sure you book onto one of our avalanche courses and 1 day refreshers. For locals in the Chamonix / St Gervais area there are a couple of FREE DATES for the 1 day rescue course. Have a look at the website for dates.

See you on the hill.

France: http://www.meteofrance.com/previsions-meteo-montagne/bulletin-avalanches

Chamonix: http://www.meteofrance.com/previsions-meteo-montagne/bulletin-avalanches/mont-blanc/OPP03

Italy: https://www.aineva.it/bollettini/

Switzerland: https://www.slf.ch

The Swiss have a weekly round-up with all the historical round-ups available here:


Austrian Tyrol : https://lawine.tirol.gv.at/schnee-lawineninfo/aktuelle-karten/

Spain: https://lauegi.conselharan.org/?lang=en

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