Our avalanche courses follow the American Avalanche Association guidelines.  Why?  The North Americans are far in advance of us Europeans in terms of avalanche education.  Their syllabus is tried and tested and gives you the knowledge, tools and systems to enhance your safety, decision making and enjoyment in the mountains.

American Avalanche Association (A3) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to professional excellence in avalanche safety, education and research in the United States.  We bring this expertise to you in Europe.


Some of the venues that we've been invited to talk at:


Public talks at Le Solerey Brew Pub and The Kitsch Inn in Les Houches.  At BBSki School in Baqueira Beret was made up of GAP course students and fully qualified ski instructors.

Get in touch if you'd like us to talk at your venue or to your private group.

An introductory talk emphasising managing risk by avoiding exposure to avalanche terrain, but limited to basic concepts.  We give public talks at venues around the Chamonix Valley.  Also, private talks at your Chalet or venue to private groups of clients, ski instructors (as pictured above), colleagues, clubs etc.


The talks focus on 6 broad areas: Gear, Risk, Resources, Trip plans, Terrain & Managing risk.

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