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"There is more to us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less."

Kurt Hahn

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We are inspiring people to make lasting change that makes a positive impact and leaves a sustainable legacy linked to the Sustainable Development Goals through adventure.

Now adventure isn’t necessarily about big mountains, far-flung ice caps or raging rivers.  It is what YOU make it from a daily micro-adventure of walking a different way to work, doing something different, right through to the grand journeys and changes of a global nature.

We are passionate about two things:


through learning, educating and inspiring ourselves and others to make sustainable change.​


An Oxford University Don told me that “you will always go the hard way even when there is a bright pink neon sign pointing you in the right direction”.  Challenging the status-quo has typically been the case as it’s so often way more interesting and stimulating!  I was 10.

I have worked in over 30 countries, in 15 different sectors of business and helped a multitude of different people, teams and organisations work together without limit regardless of culture, race or belief.  In addition to being the Course Director and Founder of www.iamadventure.world I also work through my small, leadership consulting business www.arkleandco.com and with the team at www.peoplepositive.com

My avalanche training was completed at the American Avalanche Institute in Wyoming and subsequently joined the American Avalanche Association as a Professional Member.  I am also a WEMSI Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician and have the Level 3 Certificate in Education and Training awarded by OfQual in the UK.

I started exploring and climbing in the early 1980s in North Wales and Scotland, by 1991 I was in the Himalayas then swiftly bought a 1-way ticket to New Zealand.  I followed winters and I have climbed and skied all over the world.

I have raced in triathlons in the early 1990s (quite a novel thing back then!), have 2 daughters, trained gun dogs, its amazing what dogs teach you about yourself and others for that matter! along with a whole host of other stuff too.  Now Ultra Trail races and mountain running consumes quite a large part of my time, they are a great way to explore new places and meet remarkable people.

Along the way, many people have been very generous to me with their experiences and helped me learn so much about the effect of me on me, me on others and others on me.  This is part of what I AM Adventure is all about.



I have been working as an endurance coach now for over 15 years, having worked through UK athletic Qualifications, Cycling and British Triathlon, I gained a BTEC National Diploma in Outdoor Education, a Degree in Sport Science and Co-wrote an MSc in Athlete Development and Peak Performance.

I set up E3coach.com to give the most professional and quality-driven service, understanding each athlete is an individual and no matter what your level, be it to compete or complete you deserve the same focus. E3C has coached athletes to world endurance titles across all areas of endurance. We also coach adventure athletes in Polar racing, Mountain sports and Open ocean rowing.

As an endurance athlete, I have raced multiple Ironman, 70.3, MTB XC, Craft Transalp, Gore-tex Transalpine, Lanzarote stage MTB, Marmotte, X-Man Triathlon, Ultra marathons. IN 2017 I became the first athlete to have MTB and run across the alps.

As well as the racing I have pushed myself in some extreme environments in the Himalaya, Alps, Andes, Atlas and Pyrenees mountains, Surfing in Europe and kayaking in some great white water. It is important to me to keep pushing my own limits as this keeps me intouch with the emotions of an athlete which is key to my coaching.

Before coaching became my life I worked as a BSA surf instructor, BCU Kayak instructor and MTB Instructor, so having over 20 years of instructing and coaching experience.