Dig as fast as if you are buried.

"There is more to us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less."

Kurt Hahn


  • Professional training (level 1) at the American Avalanche Institute

  • ​Professional Member of the American Avalanche Association

  • Alpine & off-piste ski instructor - Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors

  • Emergency Medical Technician - Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute

  • Regulated Outdoor First Aid Instructor & Assessor

  • Level 3 Certificate in Education & Training - OfQual

  • NEBOSH International Certificate in Health and Safety


My professional avalanche training was completed at the American Avalanche Institute in Wyoming, part of which is becoming a Professional Member of the American Avalanche Association at the Pro 1 level.  I am also a ski instructor in the alpine and off-piste disciplines and member of the Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors, a WEMSI Emergency Medical Technician and have the Level 3 Certificate in Education and Training awarded by OfQual in the UK.

I started exploring and climbing in the early 1980s in North Wales and then while at Gordonstoun School in Scotland.  On leaving school I worked as an outdoor instructor at John Rigeways School of Adventure (now Cape International) and by 1991 I was in the Himalayas.  I then swiftly bought a 1-way ticket to New Zealand, started my UIAGM training in 1992 and followed winters skiing and climbing all over the world.


By chance rather than design, this led me to work with Corporate clients (since the late '90's, when I did not continue with my UIAGM training) designing and running team-building events, leadership development programmes and leadership coaching and behaviour change.  This progressed to operational leadership roles in various high-risk industries and providing mountain and occupational safety in oil and gas, forestry, nuclear and mining.​

When not running Mountain Safety courses I work through my small, leadership coaching business arkleandco.com and arklecoach.com In this capacity, I have worked in over 30 countries, in 15 different sectors of business and helped a multitude of different people, teams and organisations work together without limit regardless of culture, race or belief. 

Along the way, I have met many remarkable people for so many walks of life who have been very generous to me with their experiences and helped me learn so much about the effect of me on me, me on others and others on me.  This is part of what I Am Adventure is all about.